Cambodian Gangnam Style with Taramana NGO

After the unforgettable experience I had shooting the lipdub with the Cambodian kids from the Learning Foundation, I thought it would be a good idea to renew the experience.

As I was travelling in Cambodia, beginning of 2013, I met Jocelyn Dordé, founder of the Taramana NGO. I told him about the lipdub project I shot for the Learning Foundation, and how it helped draw the attention on them. Jocelyn was immediately enthusiast to the idea of making a viral video so we started brainstorming. The kids at that time were big fans of Psy with his song Gangnam Style, so we thought it would be fun to make our own version of it.

What we wanted to show in this video is that these kids are indeed financially poor, but they have so much potential and energy once you let them express themselves. It would be a shame not to enjoy so much life and joy, and their natural positivity and happiness.
We are convinced that humanitarian aid should focus on giving children strength and confidence: a bit of help that will help them believe in themselves, give them hope for a brighter future and preserve their dignity under any situation.

So after a whole month of shooting and rehearsing, here’s the result:

Here’s the kids’ reaction when they see the parody:

And the behind the scenes:

Click here to donate to Taramana’s NGO.

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Lipdub follow-up: The eyecare mission with the Seva Foundation

It’s been a while since I last updated my blog (4 years !), and I just noticed I never posted about what happened for the kids after we finished the Lipdub.

Thanks to 74 donors, I was able to fundraise about 3000 USD which was not the target amount I pledged for the eyecare mission, but it didn’t really matter as I partnered with the Seva Foundation. The SEVA Foundation is an American NGO which operates in different countries over the world including Cambodia, and whose mission is to provide eyecare to communities in need.

We were eventually able to screen more than a 1000 kids over 5 days from 2 different schools: The Learning Foundation and Krasing Roleung Primary School (all the kids playing in the Lipdub, and also all the kids who didn’t but were at the same school than them). 9 of them received a pair of glasses and 6 of them had surgery.

Here’s a video shot during this mission that shows the great work that has been accomplished by the SEVA Foundation and the nurse and surgeon of Angkor Hospital for Children

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The first lipdub video with 300 Cambodian kids and the story of how I met Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

Pour lire cet article en français, cliquez ici. To read this post in French, click here

I have been keeping this video secret for almost 8 months, but I think it’s time to release it now. I’m going to share with you the most important video I made so far while traveling, the one I have worked the most for, and also the most meaningful to me.

It is a lipdub (a video where numerous people are lip-syncing on a song) that I made in an Angkorean Temple with 300 Cambodian Kids from the local primary school of Krasang Roleung near Siem Reap, Cambodia.

I believe it’s the first lipdub made with 300 kids as well as one of the first made in South East Asia in general.

I want to tell you why this video is so special to me. It’s a VERY long story. You’ll learn all the difficulties we went through to make the lipdub, how the kids reacted when they saw it, why and how I chased Angelina Jolie but eventually talked to Brad Pitt. And most importantly, what important lesson in life I learnt from that experience. So get some popcorn and enjoy the ride.
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I sent 197 postcards from North Korea !

I said I would send postcards from North Korea to my blog readers. Done ! Here’s the proof !

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Saphai Pae Hostel review in Bangkok, Thailand

Hi guys. I’d like to do a review of the Saphai pae hostel where I’m staying in Bangkok. I came there in February 2011 for the first time, and I know it’s the only place where I’ll be staying from now on when I come to Bangkok.

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How about receiving a postcard from North Korea?

Hi guys, just to let you know I’ll be travelling to North Korea, one of the most mysterious country of the world from Sept 3rd to Sept 10th. If you like collecting postcards from around the world, I can send you one from there and I think it’s a pretty rare opportunity. For that, you just need to:

  1. like my facebook page (it makes me happy !)
  2. send me an email to mentionning your name (and the one used on facebook if different) and your address

Don’t hesitate to share this to your friends ! A limited offer to the first 100 requests only !
Update August, 22th at 6:40AM: I am over 100 requests already but because so many people would like to receive one, keep sending your requests and I’ll try to send as many as I can while I’m in North Korea, depending on the cost and time I have.

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I will never go back to a movie theater in France after seeing the one in Bangkok

After movies in 3D, come movies in 4D. The first movie theater to feature this technology opened in South Korea, then Mexico and Bangkok on June 29th, 2011. Even in the United States, there’s no movie theater of this type yet. This video introduces to this new technology, and also presents the Siam Paragon Cineplex in Bangkok, where it is possible to watch movies in very nice conditions that do not exist in France.

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Protected: Video report on Bangkok’s red light district in stealthy mode

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Today, I took a shared taxi in Cambodia

Today, I took a taxi to go to the thailand border Poipet from Siem Reap, to renew my visa. To share the cost, taxi drivers pack as many people as they can in the car. Didn’t expect to be 9 people in it. And 2 in the driver’s seat ! For 3 hours !

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ACODO children on tour

During April 2011, for the Khmer new year, ACODO children went on tour for 2 weeks in the South of Cambodia. I met them in Sihanoukville, a city near the coast. They performed their show in several villages around to raise some funds. In the day, they walked from a house to another wishing a happy new year. In the evening, they played their one hour long show in front of a crowd. A mammoth task !

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