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One person is missing and the whole world seems empty

Posted by on 26 February 2011

February, 26th, 5PM. Anh Audrey just took the cab for the airport. She’s coming back to Paris. And I’m staying here, all alone. I have to keep going on my journey. We hug one last time, I see her get in the car, give me a last smile, I try to smile back. But it’s hard. Deep inside me, I feel bad. Only 2 weeks with her, but 2 unforgettable weeks. 2 weeks that seems like months.

Because on vacations, everyday we live strong moments, we see incredible and astonishing things. Bondings appears fast, complicity as well. Days are made of fun, laughs but are also quiet and peaceful, far from big cities. We feel good, in peace. We loose our models, we are amazed everyday, like a child who discovers the world.

But encounters are momentaneous. Shared moments are intense and the separation is even more painful. Like an everlasting break up. So we learn to stay distant to not get harm. Like for love. And though, It wasn’t my first experience. I already lived that when I was in North America for 2 months. When I left from Montreal, my favorite. But I forgot the rule: “no strings attached”. And this time, I’m not back to Paris before 18 to 24 months.

I’m walking in the streets of Khao Lak, a very small town where I can find no activity to entertain myself, to clear my head. So I’m writing this post, hoping to get better. I think about all this moments we shared, smiling, but sad at the same time. I watch the pictures, videos, and I think life can be so easy sometimes. I who wanted to travel alone to meet more people and stay open minded, I start thinking that traveling in couple could be great. It’s a one lifetime experience that would bond forever. It’s 2 different ways of traveling. Alone, we are free to do what we want, we are more open to other people. In couple, we tend to stay together, living things only the two of us. But we share everything. And when it works out, it’s magical.


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  • Chriss

    C’est vrai que voyager à deux c’est souvent seulement partager avec celle ou celui avec qui l’on est… Mais je pense surtout pour ma part que c’ets d’avoir deux visions différentes sur une même expérience et surtout pouvoir se remémorer ces moments avec quelqu’un pour que ce souvenir persiste. Le pire je pense c’est plutot le retour quand on rentre à deux. Devoir reprendre le train train quotidien après avoir vécu tant de choses c’est ce que je deteste le plus. Et puis au moins quelqu’un au bout du monde pense à toi et reciproquement pour elle. Le ciel est le même donc quand tu regarderas les étoiles dis toi qu’en retour elle verra la même chose.

  • Amy

    This is a very sad and beautiful entry Jean-Luc!

    I loved the video and song you chose 🙂 Adele – Hometown Glory is an amazing song.
    Just wondering what kind of camcorder you used? The video quality is amazing! Like an editted movie, not ‘home-made’ at all.